Transforming this property is a years’ long goal, through adding systems and building upon micro-climates as they begin to flourish. I hope to be able to inspire those who might need to find solutions to their own home areas while slowly reducing waste and bring life to this area. I spend a great deal of time searching for and creating solutions to the constant setbacks of living out in the desert.

I spend about 2-4 hours a day at work outside in the earliest mornings and the evenings. During the extreme heat of the Summer days, I will go out and look over areas, where shade possibilities are needed, where a plant or young tree is having trouble in the Sun, and quickly find a fast solution to give it relief. Below is my work so far on just one section, bringing life, shade and wind systems to this area.

2017 – 2021. Top, the original back hill when we first moved in. Below, the latest update of back gardens and walls, from the hill with terraced gardens and baby trees.