My Goal with Desert Permaculture

We live in a land of extremes in the high desert. Our Winters go down to 15°F, and our Summers can get up to 110°F. This means serious shade and wind systems are needed, and trees and perennials must be hardy and have the ability to withstand what Nature brings them throughout the year.

My path with Permaculture, finding ways to close the loop in waste, following Nature’s direction in what this land needs – this is my purpose. I spend about 2-4 hours a day at work outside in the earliest mornings and the evenings. During the extreme heat of the Summer days, I will go out and look over areas, where shade possibilities are needed, where a plant or young tree is having trouble in the Sun, and quickly find a fast solution to give it relief. Below is my work so far on just one section, bringing life, shade and wind systems to this area.

The back hill in 2017, left. In the center, the beginning build of garden walls, terraces and some baby trees in 2018. The same area in 2022, with shade and wind systems starting to take.