The Joshua Tree, Before and after the Fire

Gorgeous Joshua Tree stand near our house, 2018.

Our land has many Joshua Trees, which are crucial to the ecosystem of the desert areas around us. We have left our back property alone as a wild area, and we have a number of Joshua stands. I find them to be so unique, they look like they could be “The Original Tree”, sprung out of a harsh climate, built to survive extreme weather. They provide food and habitat to local species, here’s a link to more information

In 2019, after a very wet winter, we witnessed an incredible bloom on all of our Joshua Trees.

When the Bobcat Fire hit us in 2020, all of our Joshua Trees were burned.

I decided to document our trees in their slow recovery. It’s been fascinating, as only the Joshua Tree and the Scrub Oaks have shown to be a First Wave of regrowth on the land. No life so far from burned Manzanitas or Junipers, I feel they will begin to show in a couple more years.

Happy to see more life, even after a pretty dry year…