A Re-Beginning.

Land Ho!

We’ve been here almost a year, and it feels so great to have my fingers back in the dirt, transforming the landscape even a little. I’m also getting back to art and writing my own music. I’m able to breathe by taking long breaks from being online and connecting to those few who are interested in this journey.

Back Hill slowly getting reconstructed with my own “Gabion Wall” idea.

I get that feeling back through Permaculture. I hope I can give that back through this blog, helping find solutions for living in the desert.

This is a “Gabion Wall” I am in the process of constructing in order to build a flat pathway around the back garden and begin to tame the hill in order to catch water and some shade. I will begin on some new pages of “before and after” from the time we walked this land to how we are transforming it.


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