Good News Gardening Blog

From Good News Network “How Do You Handle Chaos in Your Garden?”

BIG NEWS We had another avid gardener—a professionally-certified permaculturalist, decide to become a regular contributor to our discussion group! Monica Richards is located in hot and dry California, and she gave her expert advice about hot weather gardening.”

I’ve been contributing to the Good News Network, through their Gardening Blog. This has truly been fun to do, as the questions are really fun and help me, as well as other gardeners around the world, give informative answers. I keep meaning to write further in my own blog, but time eludes me!

Their Gardening blog is fabulous, and they ask questions every week, giving gardeners like me time to answer, then add the answers below the next week’s questions. So the answers are actually a week behind:

So, answers on are here on “How to Manage Drought?” which I was able to contribute to during our heavy August heatwave (now called the new term “Heat Dome”).

Here are other blog entries I have added my answers and photos, more to be added:

“How to Handle Chaos in Your Garden?”

“What Are Your Best Gardening Hacks?”

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